Tufts Dance Collective is a no audition, no experience necessary dance group.

How it works:

You go to the General Interest Meeting (GIM) at the beginning of the semester.
– A bunch of different choreographers will pitch their visions for their dances
– You email them saying “I wanna be in your dance!!!!”
– They send you a survey to fill out. Fill it out with some witty remarks and youtube links & email it back.
– They’ll let you know if you got in to their dance!

Then, rehearsals start!
– Each dance practices for one hour a week.

In the middle of the semester, we get together for SHOWING!!!
– We see how all the dances are going so far & cheer them on.

Then, you go practice some more. Maybe a lot more, depending on how showing went.

At the end of the semester, it gets CRAZY – there’s a SHOW!!! (Actually, 2 of them!!!) With Lights! and Sound! and an Audience! And there may be some festivities that night as well 😉