General Interest Meeting! Wednesday! 10 PM! Cohen Auditorium!

As the title says, the GIM is this Wednesday (side note: the hardest day of the week to spell) at 10:00 PM in Cohen! Be There! Be Excited! You’ll learn about what dances we have this semester and learn how to sign up for the dances you want to be in!



They go on sale on Monday! Get them at the Aidekman Box Office! 1 Free per Tufts ID! And get ’em fast, cuz they’ll sell out quick!

Dry Run and Tech Order

Dry Run – This Sunday! – Lining things up on the stage!
11:00 AM    Scott & Mikey
11:20 AM    Robyn & Lisa
11:40 AM    Mandance
12:00 PM    Ben Lang
12:20 PM    John & eric
12:40 PM    Asher & Lizzy
1:00 PM    Sam, Anna & Phil
1:20 PM    Jessie & Sarah
1:40 PM    Bronwen & Alexa
2:00 PM    Arielle & Danielle
2:20 PM    Eric, Riley & Stella
2:40 PM    Peter, Katie & Marina
3:00 PM    Lincoln, Mical & Emily
3:20 PM    Jenny & Dan
3:40 PM    Markus & Mervette
4:00 PM    Marianna & Eli
4:20 PM    Matt & Maddie
4:40 PM    Jake & Jess
5:00 PM    Maxine, Ed & Devin
5:20 PM    Beeks & Dana

Sunday Night Tech – Making pretty lights happen
6:00 PM    Mandance
6:30 PM    Jake & Jess
7:00 PM    John & Eric
7:30 PM    Sam, Anna & Phil
8:00 PM    Jessie & Sarah
8:30 PM    Choreo Dance
9:00 PM    Matt & Maddie
9:30 PM    Lincol, Mical & Emily
10:00 PM    Jenny & Dan
10:30 PM    Markus & Mervette
11:00 PM    Beeks & Dana
11:30 PM    Sarabande (Guest Act)

Monday Night Tech – More pretty lightssss
6:30 PM    Scott & Mikey
7:00 PM    Bronwen & Alexa
7:30 PM    Ben Lang
8:00 PM    Asher & Lizzy
8:30 PM    Maxine, Ed, Devin
9:00 PM    Eric, Riley, & Stella
9:30 PM    Arielle & Danielle
10:00 PM    Robyn & Lisa
10:30 PM    Peter, Katie & Marina
11:00 PM    Marianna & Eli
11:30 PM    Irish (Guest Act)

Bring me cookies and I will be your best friend forever.

Important Dates!

MARK THINE CALENDARS for the following dates be important:

DRY RUN is on Sunday, December 4th. Your dance will come to Cohen for a 20 minute time slot in the afternoon to block things out on the Cohen stage.

TECH is Sunday, December 4th and Monday, December 5th. Your dance will be Cohen for a half hour in the evening on one of those nights to figure out what lights should look like. Ideally be in costume since we’ll want to know what color lights make you look the best!

DRESS REHEARSAL is Thursday, December 8th at 6:00 in Cohen. It will be awesome. You’ll get to see the whole show through and buy TDmerchandise. Obviously, be in costume…

SHOW is Saturday, December 10th at 6 and 9:30 pm. Be in Cohen at 5 so we can tell you important things.